TEC Announces Two New Board Members

TEC Announces Two New Board Members


TEC Leimert, a non-profit community organization dedicated to bridging the digital divide, closing the wealth gap, and creating social capital through the promotion of disruptive technology, is excited to announce the addition of two new members to its board of directors, effective immediately.


Eden Chen is the Co-Founder of Pragma, a platform and set of tools that enable multi-player and social games. He is also the Co-Founder of Fisherman Labs, the creators of AR and VR experiences that have reached more than a billion impressions. Eden’s Fisherman Labs is the 4th fastest growing company in Los Angeles and the 185th fastest growing company in the U.S.


“I’ve seen TEC Leimert doing this amazing work in the community for a while,” Eden says, “And how committed the founders were to this work. I ultimately would like to see more people in our community get opportunities that allow them to pursue their dreams, and TEC Leimert does holistic work of connecting people to exposure, education, and networks, all of which are needed.”


Janett Liriano is CEO and Co-Founder of Inaru. Janett is an entrepreneur and business leader focused on synergy in art, design, nature & technology. Born and raised in New York, her engineering training and work in technology prepared her to lead a fashion tech company from the C-suite where she drove smart fabric technology and patent development that drove over $1M in topline sales. Now, as the co-founder and CEO of Inaru, she uses much of her expertise in supply chain and manufacturing to create a new model of doing business in the cacao industry.

She is a Founding Member of United Nations Decade of Women Initiative, a “Forbes 30 under 30 for Manufacturing and Industry in 2019, one of 1 of 40 women of color to raise over $1M in venture funding.


“TEC Leimert provides a comprehensive and scalable way to create impact and opportunity, both in institutions sorely in need of transformation, and for the talented individuals we seek to serve and develop,” Janett says, “Working with TEC Leimert is an opportunity to think, craft, and build both systems change and interpersonal solutions: connecting untapped talent and potential with companies, partners, and environments, that can both transform and be transformed.”


Rashidi Jones, co-founder and Executive Director of TEC Leimert says, “We are extremely excited about bringing on two new board members who are really passionate about our mission at TEC Leimert, and we look forward to leaning on their expertise as we plan to reach more individuals and provide more opportunities.”





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